Reducing Our Footprint One Reusable Coffee Cup at a Time.

TruRating is changing the way the world gives feedback, and while we are at it, we want to change the way we give back to the world.

Did you know that forest lands the size of 50 football fields are cleared every minute? Or that 8 million tons of plastic makes its way into our oceans each year? We realize that we’re part of the disposable generation, so we want to do everything we can to minimize our impact on the environment.

This year, we have taken our cue from the three R’s of waste management in our aim to reduce our consumption, reuse when possible, and recycle what’s left over. We thought we were doing well already, but looking around the office, we realized there was plenty more we could do.

First stop, the kitchen. While we like to keep the TruRating office full of delicious snacks and beverages, we don’t want it to be at the detriment of the environment, so that’s why we have made a commitment to remove excess plastics and single-serve snacks in place of bulk groceries when possible.

We purchase eco-friendly products for dishwashing and cleaning—which is good because now that we’re no longer throwing out so many bottles and cups, the washing up has increased!

For Christmas, we gifted all employees a reusable TruRating water bottle. So, for those people who tended to buy bottled water every day can now refill their very own bottle for free. Our offices also have reusable coffee cups and we’re hearing stories around our global offices of team members chasing after people who are going out for coffee and forgot the cups! And those individual portioned coffee pods? Banished for good.


Then there’s the rest of the office. We’ve never been huge on printing, preferring to do our best to be a paper-free office, but if we have to print, it’s double-sided, black and white, and on recycled paper so we’re not killing additional trees. Speaking of which, we’re also filling the offices with more plants, creating a cleaner and happier working environment for us all.

And because you don’t miss what you don’t use, we’re being more diligent about turning off lights and equipment when it’s not in use, and are also working with our building managers around energy efficiencies like lighting and air-conditioning settings.

While we’re a long way from having zero-impact, we like to think every little bit helps. If you have suggestions, please send your ideas at on how we can improve our environmental program.