Ty Moddelmog

Ty Moddelmog, Senior Data Consultant

Before TruRating, I worked in consulting and focused primarily on retail, where found customer experience data largely unusable—low sample sizes and extreme self-selection bias obscured insight.  TruRating has been a revelation for the mere fact that show our clients where their happy customers are, rapidly test initiatives to make them happier, and measure the financial impact.  I’m so proud of the product we’ve built and the value we deliver.

  • I rate a 9:  fried chicken, Atlanta sports, and hiking
  • I rate a o: cold weather, blue/bleu(?) cheese, and roller coasters
  • Guilty pleasure: Three 6 Mafia
  • Favorite type of office music: Gregorian chants

Get in touch with me at ty.moddelmog@trurating.com and follow me on LinkedIn.