Luca Eandi

Luca Eandi, Content Creator & Copywriter
I write and edit copy for a variety of platforms, including TruRating’s website, its social media accounts and this very blog. I also provide support for the marketing team in generating core assets and nailing down our messaging. On occasion, I’ll try to get our office dog to sit still long enough so I can get a picture of her for our Instagram.

In past lives, I worked for publications like Paste Magazine and Tokyo Weekender, having served in editorial, photography and marketing roles. I also served time in the music business, while that was still a thing.

  • I rate a 9: belly laughs, cat yawns and camera shutter sounds
  • I rate a 0: screeching brakes, squeaky shoes and loud commercials
  • Guilty pleasure: not being forthcoming about what I feel guilty about
  • Favorite type of office music: when the office is finally ready to get down to some Fugazi, I’ll be there

Get in touch with me at and follow me on LinkedIn.