Jill Bentley

Jill Bentley, Global Marketing Manager

Having worked in Marketing for years, I very early on became fascinated with Digital Marketing in particular, mainly because of the ability to test, evaluate, and change based on the data. Being passionate about data in Marketing means that I’m hugely excited about the potential TruRating unlocks for our customers, particularly the brick and mortar stores that have never been able to track and measure customer experience like this before!

  • I rate a 9: Stephen King novels, Star Trek and Christmas
  • I rate a 0: Slugs, pouty selfies and chewing gum left on streets/chairs/anywhere public, really
  • Guilty Pleasure: The Crocodile Dundee trilogy, especially number 2
  • Favourite Type of Office Music: Gregorian chants

Get in touch with me at jill.bentley@trurating.com and follow me on LinkedIn.