Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank

As one of TruRating’s resident ‘non-data’ heads, what I love most about our solution is the beautiful simplicity of it. We’re helping businesses solve a problem that’s been sitting at the table for years, and we do it in a way, until now, no one had thought possible.  If you had to boil it down to a ‘what gets me up in the morning line’, that would be it, being part of a team that’s building something the world hasn’t seen before. 

Having spent a couple of years working in London back in the early days of TruRating, I’m now excited to be supporting the marketing team from our office in Toronto (just don’t ask me about the winters!)

  • I rate a 9: long walks, sunsets and romantic clichés
  • I rate a 0: group chats, queuing, not losing passports
  • Guilty pleasure: streaming bad English TV
  • Favourite type of office music: loads of stuff you probably haven’t heard of before (I’m cool, I promise.)

Get in touch with me at daniel.frank@trurating.com and follow me on Linkedin.