Profile Pages: a fresh new look for 2019

If you’re a TruRating customer already, you’ll be aware that our business profile pages recently underwent a rather spectacular overhaul.

To celebrate go-live, we take a quick run through the main features and benefits of the new pages and take a look at why you should be excited about what your new profile page can do for your business.

What, where, why?

TruRating profile pages are designed to provide the ultimate showcase for your business online.  Easy to setup and customize, your profile page provides the perfect place to display your ratings data in a clear and easy way for your customers.

The advantages of having a profile page are wide and varied, but at a top level they will enable you to:

  • Reach customers through an innovative new channel
  • Build brand awareness and boost your social proof
  • Improve online visibility with in-store ratings that feed search

As a one-stop shop for ratings, reviews and store information, profile pages will help to engage your existing customers, while providing a boost in visibility to attract new ones too!

Business Benefits 

Whether you’re an independent coffee shop or a large established brand, the business benefits of setting up profile pages are immediate.

In addition to providing a free channel to boost your online visibility, every rating shown on your profile page is secure and payment validated.  This means consumers can really trust what they see on TruRating profile pages, providing a new measure of social proof to help drive new footfall to your stores.

And the truly ground-breaking part? The ratings you take in your physical store are digitized and fed online to feed search engines. This constant source of fresh data will help boost your SEO rankings, the more ratings you collect, the better a boost you get!

Here are a selection of the additional benefits of your new profile pages for your business:

  • Showcase ratings via a trusted channel
  • Increased social media and website traffic
  • Visibility and customer confidence
  • Up-to-date performance metrics

What do they look like? 

For a quick peak at the wonderful new designs, check out the snapshot below:

Blacks_Profile_Pages copy.png

If you want to get your hands on the real thing however, why not try one of the links to active profile pages for some our existing TruRating customers.

Blacks Holborn

Ping Pong Covent Garden

Get in touch today for help!

If you’d like some help in setting up your own profile page, the TruRating team would be delighted to help!

Just head over to our Contact Us page to get the relevant contact information for your location, or reach out to your TruRating account manager directly!

Intelligent Questions – the future of feedback

In the run up to retail’s big show – NRF in case you needed to be reminded – we take a look at the impact of TruRating’s intelligent question logic on the world of customer feedback for our friends at Accuvia.

“Whether testing new brands, investigating customer sentiment towards your loyalty program, or rearranging your merchandise… Intelligent Questions allow for an extremely targeted approach to customer surveying, ensuring that every question you ask is provides the maximum amount of insight.”

Read the full piece to learn why we’re calling it the future of customer intelligence:



Charity Spotlight: Learning Links

Next up in our spotlight series we take a trip down under to Australia to hear from one of our charity partners, Learning Links and the incredible work they do for kids with learning difficulties. We will also hear from one of our very own members of TeamTru who just recently completed a volunteer programme with the charity.

Who are Learning Links?

Learning Links is a not for profit organisation which was established in 1972 by parents concerned about the lack of appropriate education and support services to meet their children’s needs.  Today the charity’s mission is to provide children and young people who have difficulties learning with the skills, services and family support that will enable them to realize their potential.

Learning Links

What do they do?

Learning Links works in collaboration with schools, early childhood settings and parents to help children with learning disabilities and difficulties. These include conditions such as ADHD and high functioning Autism to speech and language delays. Around 5 – 15% of children in Australia have learning difficulties but, a diagnosis of a learning disability and difficulty does not entitle a child or family to financial assistance. When we consider 17.7% of children in Australia or 603,000 live in households in poverty it makes the work Learning Links does even more critically important as there is a strong correlation between learning disabilities and financial disadvantage.

The children are often anxious, have trouble communicating and interacting with others, and many have behavioural issues. In the later years they are often challenged in literacy, numeracy and impacting on their ability to complete education and participate in the community.

Early intervention for young children who experience developmental delays is critical to mitigate the risk of poor educational outcomes later in life. Learning Links is recognized as a pioneer in the area of inclusive early childhood education.

How are the Learning Links programs delivered?

Learning Links 2

Learning Links has 6 programs altogether, 4 of which are delivered by qualified educational professionals and two which are volunteer programs ‘Reading for Life’ and ‘Counting for Life.’ We’re very proud to announce one of our TeamTru members just completed the ‘Counting for Life’ volunteer program and wanted to tell us a bit about her experience but first…

What is ‘Counting for Life?’ 

The is a numeracy program for children who are 8 – 10 years old who are falling behind in maths.  This volunteer run program provides one-on-one weekly support for 10 weeks to children and is proven to increase children’s numeracy skills.

Cara from our Marketing department in our Sydney office completed the program and had this to say about her experience.

“Volunteering with Learning Links was a really enjoyable experience from start to finish.  Every Wednesday I would go to the school for 45 minutes and work with Sarah* who was my designated ‘Buddy’ and deliver the program. The program is delivered in a semi-structured way with lots of games, so it didn’t really feel like we were learning maths skills since we were often laughing and having so much fun! However, across the 10 weeks I was so pleased to see the huge improvements in Sarah’s math skills and how her confidence grew week by week.”

“I recently just met with Kate from Learning Links who delivered the results on the group in the school who went through the program and I was truly humbled by the impact myself and other volunteers had made. Some kids progressed by 2 – 4 years in skills such as addition and subtraction. I would highly recommend any take part in this programme and I hope to volunteer again next year!’

We heard from a volunteer but what did the children say after the program!

“Maths is much easier, it has made me more confident.”

“It has helped me because I used to get worried and now, I feel fine.”

“It makes me feel a little bit smart.”

Learning Links_TruRating2

We are so proud to sponsor a charity like Learning Links who are making huge changes for the better in children’s lives.

If you would like to donate to Learning Links and support them and the wonderful work they do please visit:

*Child’s name was changed for anonymity.

Charity Spotlight: Smile Train

It’s the holiday season and in the spirit of celebrating the things that really matter, over the next few weeks we’re going to be shining a light on the incredible work of some of our partner charities across the world.

To kick things off, we spoke to the lovely Beth Angella, who works in the fundraising team at Smile Train’s UK HQ, to find out a little bit more about the fantastic work the charity does to help children across the world.

Who are Smile Train and what do they do? 

Smile Train empowers local medical professionals with training, funding, and resources to provide free cleft surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children globally. We advance a sustainable solution and scalable global health model for cleft treatment, drastically improving children’s lives, including their ability to eat, breathe, speak, and ultimately thrive.

How did it all start? 

Smile Train was founded in 1999 by Charles Wang. Since then, Smile Train has grown into the world’s leading cleft charity, helping over 1,000,000 children with clefts, supporting training for thousands of medical professionals and establishing hundreds of programmes in over 85 countries.

Charles was the driving force behind Smile Train and the reason why so many deserving children continue to receive the care they so desperately need.  His unwavering passion, commitment, and dedication to children with clefts was unmatched. Sadly, Charles passed away in October 2018, however his legacy will live on forever in the smiles of the faces of the children Smile Train helps.

How is the partnership with TruRating going?

Since partnering with us, TruRating has donated funds to help transform the lives of over 25 children around the world. More recently TruRating’s employees are becoming more and more involved in fundraising for our work, for example running the Santa Run where the team hope to fund a further 10 smiles!

To donate to the cause this year, check out the team’s Just Giving page, anything you can spare is very much appreciated!

The crowd gets ready for action at last year’s Santa Run

Any event we should mark on the calendar?

Yes – World Smile Day! This is celebrated annually on the first Friday in October. It is the day we celebrate everyone’s right to smile and raise even more funds to ensure no baby or child born with a cleft lip and/or palate is denied this right. There are so many fantastic ways to get involved – sign up to one of our fundraising challenges, host a bake sale or trivia night or simply raise awareness by sharing one of our amazing patient stories with your friends, family and colleagues.

We also celebrate Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention month every July – this gives us the chance to boost our educational and fundraising efforts to make sure everyone all over the world understands cleft and knows how they can support those who need help.

How can we follow your amazing work and how can people support it?

Keep up to date by checking out our amazing fundraising and patient stories and by checking out our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

For a more in-depth story about some of the work we do, you can read through the heart warming tale of a father looking for a miracle in Myanmar. 

Any last messages for us or our followers?

Thank you to TruRating for helping to change the world one smile at a time!


A huge thanks to Beth for taking the time to speak to us, and to everyone at Smile Train for the unbelievable work they do every single day.  If you’d like to learn more about becoming a supporter of the charity, head over to the Smile Train website.

TruRating is partnered with 11 amazing charities across the world. If you’d like to learn more about the TruCharity program in your region, why not check out the Charity section of our website.

The Amazon Issue: fake reviews and what to do about it

As retail giant Amazon continues to prosper in spite of the issue of rampant fake reviews plaguing its platform, it’s easy to wonder if the problem has reached a tipping point of no return.

Where there’s a will there’s a way however, writing for Internet Retailer, Georgina gives her advice on how to avoid the ‘fake review trap’ and how a more open approach to customer feedback can help drive satisfaction, loyalty and customer spend.

Check out story in full here.

Grocers, Use Data to Find Your Differentiator

Grocery retailers have long struggled to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market. Let’s face it — unless given a convincing reason, customers will often shop wherever is closest, cheapest or fastest. And as Amazon and Whole Foods begin to reshape customer expectations of how they experience grocery chains, retailers can be hard-pressed to answer the question: What makes me special?

If you’re like many grocers, you might not be able to answer this question. But it’s critical to understand what keeps customers coming back for more.

For most consumers, grocery shopping is a chore. But there’s a hefty segment of customers looking for a culinary experience that simply cannot be replicated online. That means you can experiment in samples, product demonstrations, and unique, browsable limited time offers to attract foot traffic.

It also comes down to factors like store layout, product selection, employee friendliness, product quality, price and more. Experience and ease of shopping remains a critical differentiator for grocers looking to retain those who want to be in and out of the store.

But how exactly can you best serve your customers? What do they come to you for? The only way you’ll learn is by asking.

Relying on data straight from the source is the best way to understand what’s winning shoppers over, and what’s losing them. Given that many brands can’t compete on the same playing field as behemoths like Amazon, it’s more important than ever to pick a lane and perfect your offerings. To do that, you need to listen to your customers.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard to start as it looks. While ‘the voice of the customer’ brings to mind arduous focus groups and grueling customer interviews, it’s often as simple as asking one question. Customers rarely want to spend time filling out lengthy surveys, but they’re more willing to give feedback if it’s seamless and convenient. Use the point of sale to ask straightforward questions like:

  • How likely are you to recommend this location?
  • How would you rate the value of our products?
  • How friendly was your sales associate today?
  • How clean was the location today?

Even simple questions like these, taken in aggregate, can paint incredibly powerful pictures that will lead you to your differentiator. For example, if employee friendliness garners consistently high results, you might promote that strength and carve out a niche as a welcoming neighborhood retailer. However, if you find out customers are really coming for the discounts, you can play up the low prices and sales.

Your grocery retailer can’t be everything to everybody — and you’ll likely fail if you try. It’s important to keep an eye on top competitors, but don’t just blindly follow trends set forth by retail and technology giants. Instead, take the time to understand how you’ve earned your most loyal customers, and invest in improving those factors even more.

Georgina Nelson

The above article, was originally published in Today’s Grocer Vol. 60 No.4.  To see the article in its original form, head to p5 of the online print version.


Living in a Fake Review Climate: Update.

And the fake review news keeps on coming…

Over the weekend it was announced that investigators at the consumer rights watchdog Which? have revealed large and active ‘fake review factories’ operating on Facebook, with a combined membership of up to 87,000 users churning out falsified five star ratings for pay on a regular basis.

The two biggest groups – Amazon Deals Group and Amazon UK Reviewers – post requests for members to leave five star ratings for products on Amazon.  To bypass Amazon’s security filters, users must purchase items, after which –  having left seemingly genuine five-star reviews – they are remunerated, with an additional ‘fee’ if their words are deemed to be sufficiently glowing.

In spite of Facebook’s claim that “Facilitating or encouraging the trade of fake user reviews is not permitted on Facebook“, the scale and open activity revealed by the investigation suggest that whatever regulatory practices are in place are simply not working.

Alex Neil, managing director of home products and services at Which?, commented that those involved were “ripping people off” intentionally.

For further reading on the issue from us, check out our previous posts covering consumer fraud cases involving Amazon and Trip Advisor:


When customers won’t comment: how to encourage customer feedback

Customer feedback is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean the odd negative review is going to kill you.  With 97% of online shoppers today claiming to be influenced by online reviews, what really matters is having enough reviews to convince customers that they should be buying from you.

Writing for, Georgina explains how making feedback really, really easy (and anonymous!) is the key to securing the ratings and reviews you need to improve your business and improve customer engagement.

Click here to see the full article.

3 Tips for Navigating the Crossroads of Online and In-Store Performance

Smart retailers know that one of the most effective ways of retaining customers is to provide a seamless multi-channel experience.  Yet finding the right balance between in-store and online isn’t always as simple as it might seem.

In her article for Total Retail, our CEO Georgina Nelson gives her take on how an effective customer feedback strategy can help you navigate the crossroads between the two worlds.

Check out the full article here.

Living in a Fake Review Climate

This week, The Times of London reported that a staggering one third of all reviews on Trip Advisor, are now thought to be fake. While many in the hospitality industry have been vocal about the ramifications of suspect online reviews for years, the breaking of yet another major story suggests the problem is a growing one.

A New Yorker editorial from earlier this year in May, ‘The Never Ending War on Fake Reviews’, captured the scale of the problem across a variety of industries.  Whether it be publishing, retail or falsely hyped restaurants that don’t actually exist, for many thousands of business owners, fake reviews are not just a mere annoyance, but a very real challenge to their livelihoods.  And in the absence of any serious regulatory actions, it’s unsurprising that many are struggling to see a solution in sight.

With revelations that increasing numbers of businesses are now desperate enough to actually pay for negative reviews for the competition, it doesn’t feel a stretch to call the issue an epidemic.

A change in the tides?

In September, a land mark case in Italy saw a business owner jailed for 9 months for soliciting fake reviews on Trip Advisor.  Though for some, the case may have offered hope that the authorities (at least in Europe) are beginning to take the issue more seriously, for most it would have been little more than a quick note of poetic justice.  While this kind of fraud could conceivably become a more clear-cut prosecutable offence were the legislation to be drawn up (which would take time), the majority of those writing fake reviews for a living, simply operate at a scale that just doesn’t allow for large scale criminal charges – think the early days of online piracy and you’re probably not far off.

For many the burden of responsibility sits with those who operate the platforms in the first place.  In the online world, tackling fake reviews has become a major part of day-to-day operations.  While the Trip Advisors and Amazons of the world do have scanning and tracking systems in place to attempt to identify false reviews, the evidence – as revealed  by The Times – is that these just aren’t up to scratch.


Oonagh Butler who famously orchestrated the rise of a fictional restaurant ‘The Shed’ to the #1 ranked restaurant in London, is quoted in the New Yorker piece with regards to his still-skeptical view on ‘the war on fake reviews’, “Put it this way: I’m still not banned from Trip Advisor.”  For those vulnerable independent business owners with the most at stake, these are likely not reassuring words.

And even for those larger restaurants or retailers, for whom some negative reviews might not spell quite such catastrophe, there is another problem to consider: how are they supposed to act on feedback to improve their business when they can’t be sure that it’s genuine?

Rethinking the issue… 

The vulnerability that the fake reviews system currently exploits is that open source review platforms do not have any way to verify those commenting.  It’s possible to shut down a thousand one-star reviews delivered over two hours, but isolated incidents are very hard to track.  For some businesses, an answer to the issue has been to take a different approach to how they collect feedback.

Across the retail and hospitality sectors, technology that allows businesses to pair consumer ratings with secure payments, are starting to arrive at mass market for the first time.  By enabling businesses to ask consumers a simple feedback question at the point-of-sale, this technology avoids the critical issue of open-source platforms e.g. anyone can rate – because only genuine paying customers are offered the chance to leave feedback.

If businesses could provide a simple mechanism for collecting feedback at the moment of payment, without interrupting their customer journeys, the likelihood of collecting a large volume, that genuinely represents the voice of real customers, is dramatically increased.  To ‘game’ such a system, at the very least, becomes a highly expensive and impractical affair.  For consumers there is little or no tangible reason to offer false opinion, and while the odd ‘unreliable’ view may sneak through, the comparative benefits to today’s online Wild West, offers a huge improvement.

Perhaps there’s more to the story yet.

To learn more about TruRating’s innovative point-of-payment feedback technology visit our website or email us at and a member of TeamTru will be in touch.








Worldpay Better Business Conference 2018: The Power of Positive CX

On Thursday 20th September, the TruRating team had the pleasure of attending Worldpay’s Better Business Conference, with the highly topical theme of The Power of Positive CX.

Bringing retailers, CX experts and payments industry leaders together in one place, the day was an incredible showcase for the innovation and evolution of thought taking place in the field of CX.  To top off a rather sparkling lineup, TruRating Founder + CEO Georgina, was also there to deliver a keynote on ‘The Importance of Digital Customer Advocacy’.

From a day overflowing with insights and learnings, we picked out a few assorted highlights that really resonated with us on the day!


The power of personalization

Throughout the day the need to create ‘personalized experiences’ was reiterated across the speakers.  Customers are increasingly happy to give permission to contact to them, if you can reciprocate with a personalized service that makes them feel special.

Treat your customers like the individuals they are, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty.

Authentic experiences starts with staff

While millennials are known to engage with retailers that provide ‘shareable experiences’, generating authentic emotional engagement across the breadth of your customer base is increasingly vital.  Businesses need to educate and empower their staff, to create experiences their customers want.  When building a team it’s not just about ‘what’ you want them to do, it’s essential to have them bought into the ‘why’ too.   Are the values that you prioritize aligned with the experiences your customers want?

Empower your staff to be brand ambassadors, with a common goal of creating experiences that really matter. 

Beyond ‘Customer Satisfaction’

Today’s ‘Blue Dot’ consumer, used to the world of Google maps and services that quite literally revolve around them, are liable to take previously accepted customer service standards for granted.   Even a 100% ‘satisfactory experience’ is only the expected minimum.  Today’s aspirational values are about delivering above and beyond. Delighting the customer with authentic and emotional experiences. Engagement through personalized services to generate a sense of tribal loyalty.  Empowerment to sell your customer experience for you.

Build products and experiences that make life better for your customers and they will do the hard work for you.

A huge thanks to the Worldpay team for all their hard work in delivering what was a truly a fantastic event, and last but not least a special shout to each of the amazing of the speakers on the day: Darren Ward at Reply Marketing, Jo Moran of Marks & Spencer, Ken Hughes, Consumer and CX Consultant and last but not least Scott Seaborn, Mobile Pioneer and Customer Experience Expert.

TruRating_Better Business Conference.jpgDaniel Frank

How to use direct customer feedback to help your staff improve

While today’s retail world is flooded with a dizzying array of future-looking technologies purporting to give businesses the edge, sometimes getting the basics right is just as crucial.

Writing on, TruRating founder Georgina gives her top five tips to help retailers understand what their customers really care about when it comes to service, and how to use that feedback to help staff perform even better.

Check out the full article here.

Dan Frank

TruRating Engages Crowd Support to Ramp up the Ratings Revolution

Following a £7.5 million raise, TruRating are extending the invitation to all!

TruRating, a technology company specialising in point-of-payment customer feedback solutions, today launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, seeking to raise £1.8 million.

On a mission to change the way the world gains insight, TruRating is a unique solution to the problem of customer reviews and feedback being unreliable and easily gamed. While the vast majority of customers don’t tend to leave reviews or answer surveys, by asking just one question at the point of payment, TruRating is able to collect responses from a huge 88 percent of validated, paying customers.

TruRating has already secured funds of £7.5 million from institutional funds, family offices and private individuals in this round. These funds have come from the UK, USA and Asia as the business has sought an international footprint of shareholders to support future international expansion. Patrick Yee, Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer of OSK Ventures International Berhad, recent investors based in Kuala Lumpur, commented “We are very excited about the potential of TruRating as a means to help businesses understand their customers better and improve performance, whilst also empowering the consumers to provide feedback in a convenient way. We look forward to  growing the business with them in Asia as they look to additional markets beyond the UK, North America and Australia.”

As the funding round progressed, TruRating received many requests from friends and contacts who aren’t able to invest via traditional routes, and so decided to add to the funding round with an ‘equal equity opportunities’ flourish!

“I love the philosophy of crowdfunding – opening up direct investment opportunities to everyone, removing the barriers to investing by making it simple, easy and affordable,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder of TruRating. “I’ve always thought there are parallels between the crowd funding platforms and what we are doing at TruRating.  Disrupting and democratising an industry and making it truly accessible.  What Seedrs and others are doing for investment, we are doing for customer experience. It feels like an alignment of vision and so we are thrilled to open up some of our funding round to the public, for everyone.”

The Seedrs campaign represents a great opportunity to invest in a technology provider that already has a solid track record and recently saw JD Sports Fashion roll out the TruRating customer feedback platform across 360 of their UK stores. Other customers include Maxol, Ping Pong and Kathmandu, as well as a host of household names who are in pilot phases with the technology. 

Nelson continued: “We’ve already come a long way in a short time period – having collected over 39 million customer ratings to date – but with our existing investors and the power of the crowd community we’re hugely excited about the trajectory for the business. This is more than just a fantastic investment opportunity, it’s a chance to be at the forefront of an industry where we make a significant difference to the shopper experience.”

The investment raised through the Seedrs crowdfunding campaign will go towards extending their technological partnerships with even more global payments players and developing additional digital solutions to sit within their product suite alongside the existing in-store and online solutions.

Those interested in investing or finding out more about the Seedrs campaign can visit:

TruRating Announces Expanded Partnership with Verifone to Enable Merchants to Collect Consumer Input at the Point-of-Sale

TruRating, customer experience experts specializing in point-of-payment customer feedback solutions, announced today that a global contract has been signed with Verifone, a world leader in payments and commerce solutions. Merchants using Verifone solutions including Verifone Point, FiPay and Verifone Connect will have access to the TruRating application to start listening to and learning from customers.

TruRating’s user-friendly POS feedback software app, paired with Verifone, will allow merchants to collect countless consumer ratings. This will help merchants better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they know how to improve their businesses. With responses collected in real-time, actionable knowledge is available faster than ever before. Some merchants have seen as much as an 8 percent revenue increase after implementing TruRating.

“We’re very excited to be working with a company like Verifone that shares our values when it comes to developing innovative technology built with both the consumer and merchant in mind,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO, TruRating. “This partnership will allow thousands of merchants to connect with the customers they don’t normally hear from and gain insights to make smarter, more informed business decisions.”

TruRating was launched by Nelson in 2014 to help merchants better understand the “silent majority” of customers who don’t leave feedback. Using the payment terminal at checkout, customers can answer a quick, one-question prompt to easily share their thoughts across a variety of key customer experience metrics, including service, atmosphere and product. This strategy has generated an industry-leading 88 percent response rate and allows merchants to monitor feedback in near real-time.

“We are committed to enabling businesses to do more than accept payments at the POS,” said John Mansfield, VP and GM of Vertical Markets, Verifone. “The retail ecosystem is transforming, and it is important for merchants to drive a deeper level of customer engagement. With TruRating, we are offering merchants better and faster consumer insights to help them grow their businesses.”

With Verifone Connect, merchants can start, run and grow their businesses with a secure and adaptable end-to-end product. Its simplicity is based on a digital experience for onboarding disparate devices, seamlessly integrating payment and non-payment applications with the POS system. The product is highly flexible to changing business needs with apps that can be preloaded onto devices or downloaded from the marketplace. Paired with Verifone’s next generation devices, merchants can manage their businesses and drive revenue by providing personalized, meaningful customer experiences beyond accepting payments.

Now live within the Verifone Connect ecosystem  – as well as via Verifone Point and FiPay – TruRating is available now in North America and will be available in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand by end of 2018. To learn more about how TruRating can help your business, visit

TruRating and Datacap Announce New Partnership at RetailNOW


TruRating, customer experience experts specializing in point-of-sale customer feedback solutions, and Datacap Systems, the leading integrated payments middleware provider, announced today that TruRating will be launched on Datacap’s point-of-sale platform in Q3 2018.

TruRating provides easy-to-understand insights via an online dashboard and mobile app and represents the newest release in Datacap’s value-added offering. Their point-of-sale partners will very soon be able to deliver TruRating to their merchants, giving them the potential to generate an industry leading 88 percent customer response rate across categories including product, service and value.

“We’re excited to launch our customer feedback integration with Datacap, a FinTech pioneer that’s been around longer than the term FinTech,” said Georgina Nelson, TruRating CEO. “Their mature presence in the payments space provides even more credibility to our solution, and we’re delighted to be working with such an established partner to provide merchants with access to previously untapped customer insights.”

TruRating was launched by Nelson in 2014 to help merchants better understand the “silent majority” of customers who don’t leave feedback. As customers check out, they can answer a quick, one-question prompt on the payment terminal to easily share their thoughts across a variety of segments. This strategy has generated industry leading response rates, both in-store and online, and allows merchants to monitor feedback in near real-time.

“The integration with TruRating represents a significant value-add for our point-of-sale partners,” said Justin Zeigler, Datacap director of product strategy. “Point-of-sale providers can now present additional value to their merchant clients through an engaging customer feedback solution.”

In addition to this partnership, TruRating and Datacap are leading a panel at RSPA’s RetailNOW, taking place August 5-8 in Nashville. The panel, titled “Impactful Selling By Focusing On Value” and happening Tuesday, August 7 from 8:50-9:30 a.m., will feature Zeigler and Alan Outlaw, N.A. president at TruRating, plus representatives from TSYS/Cayan and Ingenico. RetailNOW is the premier event for players in the point-of-sale technology industry.

To learn more about how TruRating can help your business, visit