QSR Magazine: Should Chick-fil-A Launch Meal Kits Nationwide? Let’s Examine

As Chick-fil-A rolls out their meal kit program in the Atlanta area, the QSR will need to look to customer feedback for implementing it nationwide. Our CEO, Georgina Nelson, writes about the importance of customer feedback and its role in Chick-fil-A’s meal kit program in her article for QSR Magazine.

Check out the full story here.

Main image: QSR Magazine

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ATL Businesses Team Up to Help Local Retailers Listen to their Customers

TruRating, a customer experience specialists with offices on the Beltline in Atlanta, is piloting a partnership with Cayan, a payment technology company, that is already benefiting local retailers based in Ponce City Market in Atlanta.

Sugarboo & Co. @ Ponce City Market

Sugarboo & Co, a fast-growing retailer specializing in artistic gifts and homeware, and Citizen Supply, a specialist store in artisanal goods with a mission to bring together creators and consumers, began a trial with TruRating’s solution some weeks ago as a way to listen to their customers on a scale not previously possible, by asking one quick question on the payment device which customers answer as they pay with one push of a button.

Citizen Supply
Citizen Supply @ Ponce City Market

“It’s an integral part of our ethos to put our customers first and set out to delight them every time they visit,” Phil Sanders, the owner of Citizen Supply said. “TruRating is going to play a major role in how we do that from now on. Because it’s already installed on our Cayan Genius payment technology, it was a really easy set up and we could immediately start collecting feedback that same day. Since then we’ve already collected over 3,000 ratings and discovered key business insights. For instance, we’ve learned that when staff ask browsers if they need help, those customers on average spend 20% more. These are the kind of questions we can get almost immediate answers to, allowing us to really drill down and understand what makes our customers happy.”

Store Manager Carly June (right) w/ Sugarboo employee

Rebecca Puig, the artist that started Sugarboo along with her husband Rick, is excited to be getting feedback from a large majority of customers. “TruRating has only been up and running for less than a month, but already we’ve had over 2000 ratings. That’s huge.” Sugarboo, ‘Dealer in whimsy’, has quickly grown from one store to ten, having recently opened a new outlet in Las Vegas. However Georgia is home to the majority of their business, with three stores in Atlanta alone, including one based in the Battery as well as the Ponce City Market store.

Sugarboo & Co. @ Ponce City Market

“I’m so happy that we launched our Cayan pilot with such awesome, creative local businesses,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder of TruRating. “I started this company with the vision that giving all customers a voice would help businesses to adapt and evolve according to what their customers care about most. Atlanta as a city has been such a great home – for the business and for our family – so it’s exciting to know we can help do this for Atlanta businesses quite literally just up the Beltline from us.”

In addition, every time someone rates, TruRating donates to a children’s charity, including a local Atlanta charity, Families First. “That was another part of the solution that really appealed to me,” Rebecca Puig noted. “Sugarboo’s manifesto is all about putting good things into the world. Usually for us that’s about a beautifully-crafted piece to brighten up somebody’s home. But now by using TruRating, we know we’re also helping to make a difference to someone’s life with every customer rating.”

Main image: Carly June, Store Manager at Sugarboo & Co. in Ponce City Market.

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TruRating’s Takeaways from CX NYC 2018

A couple weeks back, we attended Forrester‘s CX NYC 2018. We heard from industry experts and leaders in the customer experience field at various sessions throughout the event. Here are some quick take-aways from what we heard and saw at the conference:

Customer Experience Is Crucial for Success


At this point, there’s no debate—providing customers with optimal shopping experiences is one of the most important keys to success for merchants. The more a company focuses on providing satisfying shopping journeys, the more likely it is to thrive.

It’s no secret that businesses that have the right tools in place for measuring and improving customer experience have a major leg up over their competition. But because there are so many methods available, and traditional ones aren’t exactly proven winners, there’s still a bit of confusion around what measurement tools merchants should use and why, which leads into our next take-away.

CX Measurement Is Only As Good As Its Tools


While there are a ton of tools on the market for measuring customer experience, most of them are perceived as ineffective at inspiring action or delivering financial results by the people that use them. The graphic to the left illustrates the problem with most CX tools—there’s very little benefit to data that doesn’t drive action or bring about results.

Businesses need a real-time feedback solution that allows them to see when and where to act. It’s also extremely important for merchants to be able to tie feedback to transaction data, so they can see the relationship between the two. Tracking how customers feel against how much they spend presents a higher level of value to CX measurement.

Now More Than Ever, Brands Need to Take the Lead on Customer Experience

Fast Flexible and FearlessThis recent piece from Forrester talks about how no retailer has become the clear CX leader in the US for the last three years running. Data shows that while poor scores dropped, so did good scores, leaving “OK” as the new standard for most brands. This is not good enough. It’s time for retailers to try harder—to make “excellent” their standard.

The best way to do this is to take advantage of every customer interaction as an opportunity to learn and improve. Being able to collect feedback from every shopper at checkout can provide merchants the mass, validated insights they need to build the confidence that will drive positive change. The graphic to the left really resonated with us at one of the sessions we attended. It does a great job getting across why we set out to build TruRating—to provide retailers with the tech to be “fast, flexible and fearless”—something all great leaders take to heart.

What we saw at CX NYC 2018 was reassuring and reinforces our commitment to providing the most powerful, cost-effective and easiest to implement solution on the market. We feel that no one offers a better CX tool, and we know you’ll feel the same way once you get on board.

Can’t wait to see what people are talking about at next year’s event!

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TruRating & Ingenico Win “Partnership of the Year” at the Retail Systems Awards

Alongside Ingenico, we’re honored to announce that we were awarded “Partnership of the Year” from Retail Systems at their yearly ceremony held on June 27th.

The prestigious Retail Systems Awards took place at the Waldorf Hotel in central London and was hosted by UK-based comedian Kerry Goldiman. Retail Systems is a leading business publication that recognizes technology excellence and innovation across the retail sector each year.

We partnered with Ingenico to integrate our customer engagement application into their payment solution with the aim to create the ultimate point of interaction with customers. The integration has proven indispensable to JD Sports, a leading sports fashion retailer, who has amassed tens of millions of customer ratings since launch.

Our integration into Ingenico’s platform has radically changed the way retailers do business and we’re happy to be recognized by Retail Systems for our efforts.

Our team, including CEO and founder, Georgina Nelson, were in attendance at the ceremony, and happily accepted the award alongside our partners.

A harmonious “BOOM!” was heard, champagne was had and then we got back to work.

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FSR Magazine: Can Real-Time Feedback Shape the Future of Full-Service Restaurants?

Validated, real-time customer feedback can make a powerful impact on full service restaurants. The problem is determining how restaurants can tap into this data and connect with customers. Our founder and CEO, Georgina Nelson gives restaurants some helpful tips in her new article on FSR Magazine.

Read the full story here. 

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TruRating at 30 Million

Boo-yah, we just collected our 30,000,000th rating!

Seems like just yesterday we broke the 10-million mark, and that’s because, well, it wasn’t that long ago. Through the last six months, the number of weekly ratings we’ve gathered has exponentially grown as more merchants make the right call to switch TruRating on in their stores.

That’s cause for celebration. And it’s not just a nice round milestone for us—it’s also a huge victory for all the merchants, customers and charities we’ve helped out so far. 30 million strides toward better business decisions, better customer experiences and better outcomes for all.

And what’s the future got in store? Well, let’s just say that by the end of the year, we’ll look back at 30 million and think, “oh, how quaint.”

TruRating Online is about to take off, and its pairing with our in-store customer engagement solution is sure to keep the ratings pouring in by the tens of millions. Merchants are quickly catching on that TruRating can do wonders for their insight collection, online visibility and overall bottom line—and we love to watch them succeed!

So, here’s to the first 30 million ratings—you can’t get to 30 billion without ’em.

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Why One Customer Survey Question is More than Enough

Here’s one that you might’ve missed last month—our founder and CEO, Georgina Nelson, shared her thoughts on the power of one question in a piece for April’s Today’s Grocer titled, “Why One Customer Survey Question is More than Enough”.

She explains how taking a less-is-more approach can make a tremendous difference in not only the volume of feedback gathered, but also the quality of the data collected. Ultimately, simplicity is key when it comes to satisfying both speed and convenience for customers to leave feedback.

If you’re interested in learning more, read the article linked below:

Today’s Grocer, Volume 59 / No. 11 (see it on page 5)

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Summarizing Your Weekly Summary

How good was the service you offered to your customers last week? Did it improve or get worse? Which outlet performed best? What about your NPS®?

With TruRating’s Weekly Summary Reports you can find out the answers to these questions within seconds, every Monday morning via an email sent directly to your mailbox.

Personalized to your role and area of responsibility, we make sure you receive information for the stores you directly impact—whether that’s the store you manage, or stores within the area you manage—it’s all there and accounted for.

Here’s what’s included in the reports:

  • Summary information: How many questions were asked? How many ratings did you receive? What was the response rate from your customers? All with an indication of whether these increased or decreased.
  • Your TruMetric scores: Based on the core questions, what was the average rating collected for service, experience, product, recommend and value? Again, with week over week benchmarking—are you up or down?
  • Your customers: How many of your customers left your store as fans? How does the rating a customer gives you link to how much they spent? Do your fans typically spend more on average that your disappointed customers?
  • Your NPS: What was it for this week? Last week? Year to date?
  • Your outlets: A summary table with all the core information to help you compare outlets within your area. It lets you take the difficulty out of difficult conversations and objectively assess performance.

Here’s how we make sure you are receiving the most relevant information:

  • Summaries tailored to your role and area of responsibility—you only see information on the outlets you have a direct impact on.
  • Ability to choose the start day of your week—if you report weeks from Sunday to Saturday, Wednesday to Tuesday, or whatever else, just let us know and we’ll update your TruRating reports to match.
  • Pick when you receive the report—do you have a reporting meeting every Monday at 9:30am and want to receive the report an hour before? Just let us know!

If you are not currently receiving our weekly reports, log onto http://account.trurating.com and go to Email Settings. Tick the box next to Weekly Summary Reports and, presto, you should start receiving them.

As a business we are constantly evolving and improving the products and services we offer you (including these Weekly Summary Reports.) We’d love to hear feedback from you. Get in touch by emailing product@trurating.com.

Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, NPS and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc.

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TruGem: Value Fans Spend 12% More

Diners love getting a great deal when they eat out. So much so, that if the server mentions that the dessert is half off, they’re not only more likely to order that piece of red velvet cheesecake and feel great about it—they’re also more likely to come back.

We’ve found that in restaurants, value satisfaction has a stronger impact on customer spend than service, product, and experience scores. In fact, on average, fans of value spend 12% more.

Does this suggest that specials, coupons and other drivers of value perception actually increase spend on each visit? From what we’ve seen, it certainly appears that way.

Luca Eandi

Case Study: Ping Pong Saw an 8.1% Increase in Spend

Ping Pong is our favorite London-based restaurant chain serving delicious dim sum, inventive cocktails and the finest Chinese teas.

Excellent customer service has always been at the heart of Ping Pong’s success. To make sure that their high standards are maintained across their restaurants, they’ve successfully built a staff performance management structure around the one metric that really matters—customer satisfaction.

They used to measure satisfaction by collecting manual customer feedback cards, but this was expensive, hard to capture in volume and often even hard to read. So, they really needed a more cost-effective, objective alternative to keep track of how their staff were performing.


Enter TruRating. They ran a trial with us for 7 weeks, and it was a game-changer.

Customers loved how quick and easy it was to use, and the response rate reflected this, coming in at over 90%—an impossible figure to achieve with comment cards. Soon, over 4,000 people were feeding back every week. The staff liked having a simple way to keep track of their performance, and management loved the results—rises in service scores and an amazing 8.1% increase in customer spend. Plus, management now had the ability to track customer satisfaction across the whole chain, giving them the means to react quickly to problems and taking advantage of opportunities.

Now TruRating is at the core of Ping Pong’s way of life, alongside its fragrant oolong teas and steamed-to-perfection dumplings.

“We’ve been hugely impressed with the sheer volume of customer ratings we collect daily via TruRating. We regularly take advantage of the powerful pieces of consumer insight it provides to manage and grow our business. Feedback via TruRating is transparent and actionable—it is now our key service metric.”

Mike Pearson
Operations Director, Ping Pong

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RIS News: Taking the Mystery Out of Customer Reviews

When it comes to providing customer satisfaction, validated, real-time feedback is the key to success. In her latest article with RIS News, Georgina Nelson writes that retailers shouldn’t have to blindly address customer feedback—they should take decisive action based on genuine data.

Learn more about how retailers can take the mystery out of customer reviews by reading the full article here.

TruRating’s Q&A with JD Sports’ Retail Director, Wayne Davies

We grabbed a cup of coffee with Wayne Davies, Retail Director at JD Sports, to put the world to rights and talk about the importance of customer feedback at the leading sportswear retailer.

TruRating: So, Wayne, let’s start with covering how you managed customer feedback at JD in the past?

Wayne Davies: Historically, we used receipt-based surveys coupled with mystery shopper surveys. These represented such a small sample size with low response rates that the data wasn’t very actionable. We also found that, more often than not, the findings didn’t align with what we observed in stores.

TR: What made you start looking for a new approach or a better tool?

WD: Sample size. Using the mystery shopper program as an example—if a store only collects 5 surveys per quarter, one really bad survey is going to carry a lot of weight and paint the store in a bad light.

TR: How did you come across TruRating and did you have to work to justify the business case internally?

WD: Service is hugely important to us. We wanted to be able to understand customer perception and expectations based on how much they spent. TruRating ticked all the boxes – a tool which linked in-store experience with spend, an easy-to-use dashboard and a customized reporting system. This meant we could easily measure impact of store-level initiatives in order to calculate ROI on our efforts.

TR: Has there been an aspect or feature that really stood out to you? Or a favorite data reveal?

WD: We can finally prove the old adage, “Happy customers spend more.” And we now know exactly how much more, as well as which aspects of our customers’ happiness have the strongest link to spend. We also know exactly where and when this is happening, down to the store-hour level. The heatmap is really powerful. On this chart, colors indicate performance across different times of day. At a glance, we can quickly identify sweet spots and sour points. Store managers find this really useful, as they are now empowered to make quick decisions without waiting for reports based on lapsed experiences.

TR: Have you experienced any unexpected benefits?

WD: Measuring customer experience can sometimes make us feel a bit like big brother. With TruRating’s sample size, we’re getting a fair and much more accurate pulse of our stores, which has been tremendous for staff morale and business confidence.

TR: What’s been your biggest key learning so far?

WD: When you make it simple enough, customers actually like feeding back—and having a say in shaping their experience.

TR: How has TruRating impacted your regional sales teams? Do they find the tool useful for their job?

WD: TruRating tells us what the majority of our customers think and how they feel about their shopping experience. Our regional sales teams are using it to help provide context to their area and store-level strategies, as all managers can see the same data at the same time—meaning they can explore findings on an even footing.

TR: How do you think TruRating will help you differentiate in a very competitive high street?

WD: TruRating has removed the guesswork from customer experience measurement. Nearly six million customers have told us what they think in a matter of months. The flow of data is continuous so we can react to it as it’s on-going. This means we’re not spending resources on initiatives that we only assume will delight the customer—we’re constantly learning and testing, which helps us remain customer-centric and competitive in a fast-paced industry.

Thanks to Wayne for taking the time to speak with us. If you’d like to learn more about TruRating for your business, visit our website and get in touch.

The POS: A Hub for Tech Adoption

To date, e-commerce has had the advantage of being on a constant path of innovation, while brick-and-mortar stores have been slower to adopt new technologies. As e-commerce gains ground, this distinction between the two channels has never been more apparent.

A big obstacle to progress within the brick-and-mortar sector is the payment industry’s closed POS ecosystem. While e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify promote development of new tools by having open APIs, it’s been a tougher road to get POS companies to let developers build and scale alongside them.

Luckily, companies like Verifone, Ingenico, Aevi, Poynt and Clover have taken the lead by producing smart terminals that offer applications through their own respective marketplaces. They’ve been able to offer bundles of free and paid apps by making APIs available to select partners. However, until outside developers are given access to the APIs without the hurdle of establishing partnerships, the open standards of e-commerce will always have a leg up.

At TruRating, we’ve established many partnerships in the payment space and, happily, it has paid off greatly. We’re working with 80-90% of payment platforms and we’re proud to offer our application in their marketplaces. What we’d love to see is an awakening of the whole industry to the benefits of collaborative development, because until that happens, e-commerce will have an advantage when it comes to innovation.

For more info, read our full article in PCM-Volume 3, Issue 10.

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Relying Solely on NPS Could Be Misleading

In case you missed it last month, check out this Retail Touchpoints article in which our CEO Georgina Nelson cautions about relying on NPS to tell the whole truth about customer feedback.

Businesses need a good way to collect actionable data with as little friction as possible, and NPS just falls short. Whether because of the small sample size it relies on, or because it doesn’t offer a store-level view on things, NPS just isn’t the best tool for understanding business performance.

Head over to read the full article and make sure to also visit our website to see how we can help your business gather the insights it needs.

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