TruCharity Q4 Round Up: Record Ratings, Record Donations and Multiple Santas in Multiple Cities

  • Consumers rated a whopping 9.2 million times from October to December, and we donated a record amount to our 12 charity partners.
  • Winners of the website vote were Child’s i Foundation, Families First, Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Right to Play.
  • TruRating UK Team take over the city dressed as Santas for Child’s i Foundation and celebrate World Smile Day with Smile Train.
  • US Team celebrate the holidays with Families First.

The last quarter of 2017 was a BOOM-tastic one for us, with a record number of ratings collected and a record amount donated to our 12 charity partners.

As a quick summary, every time a consumer rates in-store or online, we share a bit of TruLove and increase our donation pool. At the end of every quarter, we split this into individual donations for each of our charity partners based on a consumer vote on our website.

With this round of donations we are able to help:

  • Smile Train provide life changing cleft-palate surgery to 6 more children
  • Right to Play provide 92 days of play for young refugees
  • We Charity donate 37 School Kits to eager learners
  • Our other charity partners continue to help and supporting vulnerable children all over the world

Congratulations to the winners of our consumer vote who received the largest shares of the donation pool: Child’s i Foundation (UK), Families First (US), Humpty Dumpty Foundation (Australia), Right to Play (Canada).

But that’s not all, this quarter was also a busy time for our team. Here’s a summary of just a few activities we did with our charity partners:

World Smile Day with Smile Train

smile train trurating

The start of the quarter saw us celebrating World Smile Day on October 6th, raising awareness for Smile Train. We were delighted that members of the Smile Train UK team joined us as we finished the week with a few drinks, cupcakes and balloons.

Santa in the City Run, raising over £1,800 for Child’s i Foundation


On December 6th, over 20 of our UK team put on their Santa suits and ran 5km around London. Yes, it was cold and, yes, we may have stopped for a drink or two mid-way through (can you blame us?) but there was also a lot of laughing and a surprising amount of competition.

In total, we raised over £1,800 for Child’s i Foundation and it was an honor to have Lucy, the charity’s founder, run alongside us. Special mention goes to Sam Bell who came 1st in the race among the TruRating team.

Families First Holiday Party


On December 20th, we were tasked with transforming a room at Families First‘s Atlanta headquarters into Santa’s workshop, and we went all out for the event. Our own Ashleigh did a bang-up job transforming the room into a winter wonderland, Ty put on the big white beard and with a hearty “ho ho ho” welcomed dozens of children attending the holiday party.

A photographer captured the kids’ visit with Santa and sent them home with a nice memento. Around 150 people were in attendance and a merry time was had by all.

So here’s to 2018—a year of increased ratings, increased donations and further TruCharity activities.

To learn more about the charities we partner with in your region, click here. As always, if you have a charity that you would like to suggest, let us know.

We are always looking for new team members to help take TruRating to the next level, if you have been inspired by TruCharity, our products and our culture, click here to see the latest jobs.

Chris Hannay

Are Customers Really Too Busy to Give Feedback?

52% of senior leaders believe customer experience is the “most important way” to differentiate their brands—that’s great, but many brands struggle to find out exactly what their customers think of their experiences, making it difficult for them to make informed improvements.

We believe that if you make the process of collecting feedback quick and simple, the majority of your customers will give it to you. Unfortunately, many retailers fail here, with complex forms to be filled out or online surveys that are disconnected from the in-store shopping experience, leading to low response rates (less than 2%!) and the false perception that customers are too busy to tell you what they think.

It’s not just us that share this point of view, as this recent article suggests: “In many instances, customers welcome the chance for their thoughts to be heard—particularly at the point of purchase or in dealing with a business, when the experience is fresh in their minds.” In other words, customers would love to tell your business what they think, provided you make it timely and easy for them to do so. 

At TruRating we’ve been working hard to help retailers collect mass, validated feedback at the point of sale by simply asking one question on the payment device when a customer pays. Sounds simple, right? And with a typical 88% response rate, we are disproving this “customer is too busy” myth while providing our partners with invaluable insight to help improve their customers’ experience.

Chris Hannay

TruCharity: Why Every Rating Matters

Since day one, TruRating has been a force for good. It’s in our DNA. Whether that’s bringing the truth back to ratings, helping businesses improve or doing the small things that make our partners smile, we’ve wanted to make sure every interaction with us mattered in a meaningful and positive way.

Today we are proud to share that we are taking this to the next level with the launch of our charity movement, TruCharity, and our 11 new charity partners. That’s right, across all 4 of our regions we have partnered with 11 amazing causes that help change the lives of thousands of children every day, both nationally and internationally.


So how does this fit with our technology? This is the exciting part! Every time a consumer rates in-store or online at the point of payment, the rating is linked to a charitable donation. This means the more consumers rate, the more we donate.

That’s not all. Consumers also have the power to decide how we split our donation pool every 3 months across the charities. Via an online vote on our website, consumers can learn about the charities in their region and vote for the ones they want to receive the largest donation.

But TruCharity isn’t just about donating, it’s about partnering with amazing causes and helping them grow as we grow ourselves. From volunteering our time, to our design expertise, to helping make an annual BBQ a success, we are serious about changing the world in whatever way we can.

Over the coming months we will be sharing stories, pictures, videos and more about the wonderful causes we are supporting and the many ways in which we are working together. Watch this space, and next time you are asked to rate in-store or online at one of our merchant partners, make sure you push a button and push for change.

Meet the Charities

Meet our TruCharity partners and vote by visiting our website!

Get involved

Feeling empowered and want to get involved? Changing the world takes an army and we need your help. If you would like to amplify our mission and help take it even further, we’d love to hear from you. Contact


Chris Hannay