Put a Spring in your step with our April Insights

As the clocks move forward across the globe and the cherry blossom begins to bloom, it’s finally starting to feel like Spring is truly here. And what better way to celebrate than with a round-up of our latest retail insights?








The ‘Keanu’ Effect 

  • Working with an independent grocer in Kankakee, Illinois, we recorded an incredible jump in customer satisfaction after they hired Keanu Reeves to serve one of their lanes on Saturday mornings.  The ‘Keanu’ effect saw a 25% increase on average spend, alongside a staggering 60% spike in first-time visitors.  Asked for comment one shopper said, “What can I say, everyone just loves Keanu.”

Image result for puppies







Puppies for all 

  • A bed and breakfast located in the ancient Cathedral city of Salisbury was able to create an impressive increase in Service scores by presenting every customer who entered with a puppy for the duration of their trip.  “I used to go the Premiere Inn up the road,” noted one guest, “but without the puppies, it just sort of felt, well, wrong.” 

Image result for free hugs

Free Hugs

  • A chain of quick service sushi restaurants in Melbourne, Australia was tentative about a staff training initiative implemented by their departing CEO ‘for a laugh’, until they noticed an impressive and unexpected impact on their product scores and ATVs.  “Sushi just tastes better with a hug,” reported a beaming manager. “You might not have ever suspected it, but it’s true.  We’ve worked out one hug is worth about $7 per transaction.  It just makes business sense.”

For more information about how TruRating Insights can change your business for the better visit our Let’s Talk page or reach out to us at any time at hello@trurating.com.

Happy April 1st.

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