Worldpay Better Business Conference 2018: The Power of Positive CX

On Thursday 20th September, the TruRating team had the pleasure of attending Worldpay’s Better Business Conference, with the highly topical theme of The Power of Positive CX.

Bringing retailers, CX experts and payments industry leaders together in one place, the day was an incredible showcase for the innovation and evolution of thought taking place in the field of CX.  To top off a rather sparkling lineup, TruRating Founder + CEO Georgina, was also there to deliver a keynote on ‘The Importance of Digital Customer Advocacy’.

From a day overflowing with insights and learnings, we picked out a few assorted highlights that really resonated with us on the day!


The power of personalization

Throughout the day the need to create ‘personalized experiences’ was reiterated across the speakers.  Customers are increasingly happy to give permission to contact to them, if you can reciprocate with a personalized service that makes them feel special.

Treat your customers like the individuals they are, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty.

Authentic experiences starts with staff

While millennials are known to engage with retailers that provide ‘shareable experiences’, generating authentic emotional engagement across the breadth of your customer base is increasingly vital.  Businesses need to educate and empower their staff, to create experiences their customers want.  When building a team it’s not just about ‘what’ you want them to do, it’s essential to have them bought into the ‘why’ too.   Are the values that you prioritize aligned with the experiences your customers want?

Empower your staff to be brand ambassadors, with a common goal of creating experiences that really matter. 

Beyond ‘Customer Satisfaction’

Today’s ‘Blue Dot’ consumer, used to the world of Google maps and services that quite literally revolve around them, are liable to take previously accepted customer service standards for granted.   Even a 100% ‘satisfactory experience’ is only the expected minimum.  Today’s aspirational values are about delivering above and beyond. Delighting the customer with authentic and emotional experiences. Engagement through personalized services to generate a sense of tribal loyalty.  Empowerment to sell your customer experience for you.

Build products and experiences that make life better for your customers and they will do the hard work for you.

A huge thanks to the Worldpay team for all their hard work in delivering what was a truly a fantastic event, and last but not least a special shout to each of the amazing of the speakers on the day: Darren Ward at Reply Marketing, Jo Moran of Marks & Spencer, Ken Hughes, Consumer and CX Consultant and last but not least Scott Seaborn, Mobile Pioneer and Customer Experience Expert.

TruRating_Better Business Conference.jpgDaniel Frank

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