How Customer Reviews and Ratings Can Strengthen Your eCommerce Site

Email surveys, feedback monkeys, NPS seahorses – the world of online feedback can be a veritable petting zoo of weird and wonderful beasts. While it’s a given that customer reviews and ratings are a great tool to strengthen your e-Commerce site, it’s vital to remember the importance of providing a good customer experience while you’re at it!

Enter TruRating Online.  The TruRating eCommerce extension is designed to provide a seamless experience for leaving feedback and capturing customer reviews.  Today we’re taking a look at just why ease of use, means not only great response rates from your customers but a host of benefits for your online business.

Optimizing the customer experience 

While the idea of “optimizing” can feel sometimes feel like a retail cliché, the fundamental value at play – continually evolving the customer experience – remains evergreen.  Good experiences create happy customers, which in turn helps to drive ‘satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy’, the holy triumvirate of customer experience according to Gartner for Marketer’s Director, Augie Ray.

While some services fish for reviews by hitting customers with post-purchase emails (often sent from third-party servers, which don’t always pay heed to privacy settings), TruRating Online appears as a simple pop up-widget at payment confirmation.


Customers rate their experience as they go and have the option to give additional qualitative feedback if they choose. No email grabs, no interruption of the customer journey, just a simple one-click rating, and on with their day.  By making it simple for customers to feedback as they shop, businesses using TruRating Online are seeing response rates of up to 59%.  

Authentic reviews and ratings to help you build great experiences for your customers, industry-leading response rates for TruRating.  Win-win.

Boosting your search rankings with genuine ratings

In tandem with ‘trust building’, genuine reviews and ratings help by boosting your position in search rankings.  TruRating Online does this in a particularly special way.  By feeding every single one of our ratings to all major search engines, each one provides a natural uplift to your organic search appearances.  If you operate in a physical location, TruRating is the world’s only service to push ‘offline’ ratings to online search too – the potential of which is incredible (see below!).


What does this mean for your business?  It means not only more customer reviews, but truly visible reviews – as your ratings roll in, you’ll not only build a picture of your customer experience but also organically drive traffic and visibility at the same time.

The more verified ratings you have from your customers, the more inclined people will be to shop with you.  Which is why authentic customer feedback is so valuable for your business (especially in the age of ‘fake news’ and fake reviews).

Easy to set up and integrate

Because we’re good people, we’ve made sure that our extension is as easy as possible for you to integrate into your site. For businesses hosting their own website, inserting a simple snippet of code is all it takes. For Magento customers, it’s as simple as downloading our extension from the marketplace.


The TruRating Magento Extension is available for customers using both Magento 1 and Magento 2.0 customers today.

If you use a different platform but would like to know how you can start driving valuable insights and promotion for your business with TruRating Online, leave your details here and we’ll be in touch to help.

Daniel Frank



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