ATL Businesses Team Up to Help Local Retailers Listen to their Customers

TruRating, a customer experience specialists with offices on the Beltline in Atlanta, is piloting a partnership with Cayan, a payment technology company, that is already benefiting local retailers based in Ponce City Market in Atlanta.

Sugarboo & Co. @ Ponce City Market

Sugarboo & Co, a fast-growing retailer specializing in artistic gifts and homeware, and Citizen Supply, a specialist store in artisanal goods with a mission to bring together creators and consumers, began a trial with TruRating’s solution some weeks ago as a way to listen to their customers on a scale not previously possible, by asking one quick question on the payment device which customers answer as they pay with one push of a button.

Citizen Supply
Citizen Supply @ Ponce City Market

“It’s an integral part of our ethos to put our customers first and set out to delight them every time they visit,” Phil Sanders, the owner of Citizen Supply said. “TruRating is going to play a major role in how we do that from now on. Because it’s already installed on our Cayan Genius payment technology, it was a really easy set up and we could immediately start collecting feedback that same day. Since then we’ve already collected over 3,000 ratings and discovered key business insights. For instance, we’ve learned that when staff ask browsers if they need help, those customers on average spend 20% more. These are the kind of questions we can get almost immediate answers to, allowing us to really drill down and understand what makes our customers happy.”

Store Manager Carly June (right) w/ Sugarboo employee

Rebecca Puig, the artist that started Sugarboo along with her husband Rick, is excited to be getting feedback from a large majority of customers. “TruRating has only been up and running for less than a month, but already we’ve had over 2000 ratings. That’s huge.” Sugarboo, ‘Dealer in whimsy’, has quickly grown from one store to ten, having recently opened a new outlet in Las Vegas. However Georgia is home to the majority of their business, with three stores in Atlanta alone, including one based in the Battery as well as the Ponce City Market store.

Sugarboo & Co. @ Ponce City Market

“I’m so happy that we launched our Cayan pilot with such awesome, creative local businesses,” said Georgina Nelson, CEO and Founder of TruRating. “I started this company with the vision that giving all customers a voice would help businesses to adapt and evolve according to what their customers care about most. Atlanta as a city has been such a great home – for the business and for our family – so it’s exciting to know we can help do this for Atlanta businesses quite literally just up the Beltline from us.”

In addition, every time someone rates, TruRating donates to a children’s charity, including a local Atlanta charity, Families First. “That was another part of the solution that really appealed to me,” Rebecca Puig noted. “Sugarboo’s manifesto is all about putting good things into the world. Usually for us that’s about a beautifully-crafted piece to brighten up somebody’s home. But now by using TruRating, we know we’re also helping to make a difference to someone’s life with every customer rating.”

Main image: Carly June, Store Manager at Sugarboo & Co. in Ponce City Market.

Luca Eandi

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