TruRating at 30 Million

Boo-yah, we just collected our 30,000,000th rating!

Seems like just yesterday we broke the 10-million mark, and that’s because, well, it wasn’t that long ago. Through the last six months, the number of weekly ratings we’ve gathered has exponentially grown as more merchants make the right call to switch TruRating on in their stores.

That’s cause for celebration. And it’s not just a nice round milestone for us—it’s also a huge victory for all the merchants, customers and charities we’ve helped out so far. 30 million strides toward better business decisions, better customer experiences and better outcomes for all.

And what’s the future got in store? Well, let’s just say that by the end of the year, we’ll look back at 30 million and think, “oh, how quaint.”

TruRating Online is about to take off, and its pairing with our in-store customer engagement solution is sure to keep the ratings pouring in by the tens of millions. Merchants are quickly catching on that TruRating can do wonders for their insight collection, online visibility and overall bottom line—and we love to watch them succeed!

So, here’s to the first 30 million ratings—you can’t get to 30 billion without ’em.

Luca Eandi

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