Summarizing Your Weekly Summary

How good was the service you offered to your customers last week? Did it improve or get worse? Which outlet performed best? What about your NPS®?

With TruRating’s Weekly Summary Reports you can find out the answers to these questions within seconds, every Monday morning via an email sent directly to your mailbox.

Personalized to your role and area of responsibility, we make sure you receive information for the stores you directly impact—whether that’s the store you manage, or stores within the area you manage—it’s all there and accounted for.

Here’s what’s included in the reports:

  • Summary information: How many questions were asked? How many ratings did you receive? What was the response rate from your customers? All with an indication of whether these increased or decreased.
  • Your TruMetric scores: Based on the core questions, what was the average rating collected for service, experience, product, recommend and value? Again, with week over week benchmarking—are you up or down?
  • Your customers: How many of your customers left your store as fans? How does the rating a customer gives you link to how much they spent? Do your fans typically spend more on average that your disappointed customers?
  • Your NPS: What was it for this week? Last week? Year to date?
  • Your outlets: A summary table with all the core information to help you compare outlets within your area. It lets you take the difficulty out of difficult conversations and objectively assess performance.

Here’s how we make sure you are receiving the most relevant information:

  • Summaries tailored to your role and area of responsibility—you only see information on the outlets you have a direct impact on.
  • Ability to choose the start day of your week—if you report weeks from Sunday to Saturday, Wednesday to Tuesday, or whatever else, just let us know and we’ll update your TruRating reports to match.
  • Pick when you receive the report—do you have a reporting meeting every Monday at 9:30am and want to receive the report an hour before? Just let us know!

If you are not currently receiving our weekly reports, log onto and go to Email Settings. Tick the box next to Weekly Summary Reports and, presto, you should start receiving them.

As a business we are constantly evolving and improving the products and services we offer you (including these Weekly Summary Reports.) We’d love to hear feedback from you. Get in touch by emailing

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Luca Eandi

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