TruRating Debuts Plug-In with Magento, Launches Full Online Offering

The original in-store customer feedback solution now first of its kind available in the e-commerce realm

TruRating announced today an official extension with Magento Commerce, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation. TruRating is now available for Magento merchants looking to select innovative solutions that enhance business operations.

In addition, the TruRating solution, which began as an in-store service when the company was founded in 2014, is now available to all online retailers as well as Magento, through a simple initiation process. This means that for the first time, businesses with both online and brick-and-mortar stores can gather customer feedback across those channels, combining ratings with transaction data to gain omnichannel insights that haven’t been possible before.

TruRating’s online business solution, which provides easy-to-understand insights via a dashboard and mobile app, generates a 59 percent quantitative customer response rate and 20 percent qualitative customer response rate, greatly outpacing typical industry standards. All feedback is gathered quickly and efficiently on the payment confirmation page, ensuring that the online shopping experience remains seamless and uninterrupted. Through Magento, digital retailers can go live with TruRating in less than 15 minutes and for those handling  less than 10,000 transactions per year, TruRating is free.

“Providing an extension through Magento seems the obvious way to officially launch our online product offering and bring more retailers the customer insights they’re craving,” said TruRating CEO Georgina Nelson. “Nearly 35 percent of businesses around the world use Magento to host their online store.”

The company was launched by Nelson, a former lawyer who wanted to help businesses get better insights by giving a voice to the “silent majority” of consumers who never give reviews. Online shoppers are asked one question on the payment confirmation page that can be answered simply using a number from 0-9, and written responses are also encouraged. The validated customer feedback data is fed back to merchants in near real-time, and the performance dashboard allows them to easily switch between online and brick-and-mortar stores.

“TruRating online is a natural evolution of our wildly successful in-store solution,” said Mary Hubbard, head of consumer product at TruRating. “Having worked with major retail brands in the past, I know first-hand that TruRating addresses well-known blind spots with their customer interactions, particularly as we’re witnessing the rapid change from traditional customer journey to consumer demand for flexible, personalized, omni-channel shopping experiences.”

You can get our online extension here:

Furthermore, TruRating will be attending ETA Transact 2018, April 17-19 in Las Vegas, and Magento’s Imagine 2018 conference, April 23-25 in Las Vegas. If you’re interested in arranging time to speak with an executive at either show, email

TruRating is planning additional e-commerce announcements in Q2. To learn more about how TruRating can help your business, visit

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