Case Study: Ping Pong Saw an 8.1% Increase in Spend

Ping Pong is our favorite London-based restaurant chain serving delicious dim sum, inventive cocktails and the finest Chinese teas.

Excellent customer service has always been at the heart of Ping Pong’s success. To make sure that their high standards are maintained across their restaurants, they’ve successfully built a staff performance management structure around the one metric that really matters—customer satisfaction.

They used to measure satisfaction by collecting manual customer feedback cards, but this was expensive, hard to capture in volume and often even hard to read. So, they really needed a more cost-effective, objective alternative to keep track of how their staff were performing.


Enter TruRating. They ran a trial with us for 7 weeks, and it was a game-changer.

Customers loved how quick and easy it was to use, and the response rate reflected this, coming in at over 90%—an impossible figure to achieve with comment cards. Soon, over 4,000 people were feeding back every week. The staff liked having a simple way to keep track of their performance, and management loved the results—rises in service scores and an amazing 8.1% increase in customer spend. Plus, management now had the ability to track customer satisfaction across the whole chain, giving them the means to react quickly to problems and taking advantage of opportunities.

Now TruRating is at the core of Ping Pong’s way of life, alongside its fragrant oolong teas and steamed-to-perfection dumplings.

“We’ve been hugely impressed with the sheer volume of customer ratings we collect daily via TruRating. We regularly take advantage of the powerful pieces of consumer insight it provides to manage and grow our business. Feedback via TruRating is transparent and actionable—it is now our key service metric.”

Mike Pearson
Operations Director, Ping Pong

Luca Eandi

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