Binary Questions

Strengthen Decision-Making In Your Business With Binary Questions

Some questions are hard to answer. Like, how many real customers follow us on social media? Do my new customers come back? What’s changed my life more—TruRating or the cronut?

Our scaled questions ask customers to rate from 0 to 9, and work great when you need to assess and understand how perceptions of service, value for money or overall experience improve over time, and by how much.

But sometimes you need a clear-cut, fast answer. That’s why we’ve introduced binary questions—the fast, easy way to get the answers you need by simply asking customer to choose between two answers.

Are your servers making customers aware of specials? Just ask, “Have you seen our specials?” Do customers come back? Just ask, “Have you visited before?”

There’s no need to limit answer options to yes or no, either. Perhaps you want to know which cola to stock. Just ask, “Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?” and get your answer in no time.

Of course, this data can all be combined with your other TruRating insights, like average transaction value, store-by-store analysis and trends over time. This means you can understand if things change regionally, or if a certain response also sees an increase in your average transaction value.

Broadcast marketing is notoriously hard to evaluate return-on-investment for. How can you say for sure that the customers buying from you have heard or seen your radio or TV ad?

Well, recently a large clothing retailer in the UK did just that using our binary questions. They asked, “Have you seen our TV ad?” and quickly understood exactly how well the advert was performing over time, per region, and its effect on transaction volumes and values.

If you haven’t tried out binary questions yet, what are you waiting for? Get the answers you need, and find out just how much greater TruRating is than Cronuts today. Contact us at to get started.

David Atkinson

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