TruGem: Restaurant Experience Scores Are 3% Higher on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a divisive holiday. For single people, making it through a whole day celebrating romantic love can seem like emotional torture. On the other hand, people in relationships often feel the stress of delivering a perfect date and impressing their partners.

If you’re in the latter group, going out to a restaurant may seem like the safest plan, and guess what—you’re probably right.

Our customer insights show that experience scores are 3% higher on Valentine’s Day compared to the rest of the year. It seems that when people go out and sit down to a nice meal with their loved one, they enjoy a little romance in the air.

Restaurants, of course, are banking on the popularity of dining out on the holiday, so they tend to offer special menus with higher prices. This is also reflected in our data, as value perception does indeed plummet on Valentine’s Day—5% lower than the average.

So, it seems that although you can’t put a price on love, a romantic Valentine’s Day date certainly has its cost—but ultimately, it may prove worthy of every penny.

Luca Eandi

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