TruCharity: Why Every Rating Matters

Since day one, TruRating has been a force for good. It’s in our DNA. Whether that’s bringing the truth back to ratings, helping businesses improve or doing the small things that make our partners smile, we’ve wanted to make sure every interaction with us mattered in a meaningful and positive way.

Today we are proud to share that we are taking this to the next level with the launch of our charity movement, TruCharity, and our 11 new charity partners. That’s right, across all 4 of our regions we have partnered with 11 amazing causes that help change the lives of thousands of children every day, both nationally and internationally.


So how does this fit with our technology? This is the exciting part! Every time a consumer rates in-store or online at the point of payment, the rating is linked to a charitable donation. This means the more consumers rate, the more we donate.

That’s not all. Consumers also have the power to decide how we split our donation pool every 3 months across the charities. Via an online vote on our website, consumers can learn about the charities in their region and vote for the ones they want to receive the largest donation.

But TruCharity isn’t just about donating, it’s about partnering with amazing causes and helping them grow as we grow ourselves. From volunteering our time, to our design expertise, to helping make an annual BBQ a success, we are serious about changing the world in whatever way we can.

Over the coming months we will be sharing stories, pictures, videos and more about the wonderful causes we are supporting and the many ways in which we are working together. Watch this space, and next time you are asked to rate in-store or online at one of our merchant partners, make sure you push a button and push for change.

Meet the Charities

Meet our TruCharity partners and vote by visiting our website!

Get involved

Feeling empowered and want to get involved? Changing the world takes an army and we need your help. If you would like to amplify our mission and help take it even further, we’d love to hear from you. Contact


Chris Hannay

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