TruRating Survived the Retail Shark Tank and Came Out on Top!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that despite tough competition, TruRating was voted winner of the 2017 Retail Executive Summit (RES) Startup Competition, sponsored by RIS News.

“TruRating emerged as the big winner by beating two other retail tech startups in a shark-tank competition,” said Joe Skorupa, editorial director of RIS News. “TruRating won the audience poll by a wide margin and was also the unanimous choice of the expert judges. Alan Outlaw made it clear that TruRating is unique in the market, fills an important need, and improves a retailer’s business performance. Congratulations are due to everyone at TruRating for this impressive win.”

Thank you, Joe! We’re incredibly proud to have won, and certainly pleased to be collecting the very nice check!

But much more than this, the event was such a rewarding experience overall. In fact, the follow-up questions and feedback from attending industry leaders in the days since the event has really brought home just how valuable it was. Our North American President, Alan Outlaw, was inundated with requests for more information and meetings following the pitch he made before the ‘sharks’. We’re very grateful to the organizers for building such a great event and inviting us, as well as to the panel of judges that voted for us.

We must give a shout out to our competitors too! Anquiro, a game-changer in the field of competitive intelligence, and MallMotion, a unique geolocation/shopping platform, impressed all the judges and audience members with their exciting, innovative concepts. And making a mark at an event like RES is hugely significant for any start up.

The Retail Executive Summit (RES) is an annual event bringing together prominent retail leaders and industry experts to enable an interactive sharing of ideas, with a focus on leadership, business strategy and cutting-edge technology. It’s a fantastic way to make new connections, learn about the latest developments and trends, and discover the companies that are breaking new ground to deliver retailers opportunities for competitive advantage.

Alan Outlaw _Shart Tank

We felt reasonably confident going into the competition that we fall under the latter. TruRating is breaking new ground by taking a simple transaction and turning it into a unique dialogue that’s giving that huge silent majority a voice. The value we bring to a retailer is in helping them make fast, accurate decisions that can tangibly affect their bottom line. We believe in the power of honest feedback from real customers to help build better businesses.

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Jill Bentley

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